Best Korean Dramas on Netflix

Why you should watch K-Dramas during the lockdown:
Best Korean Dramas on Netflix

The second lockdown in Germany has just started last week. I assume many of us are planning to binge-watch series and films on Netflix. Perhaps it is a chance to get to know some Korean dramas (K-dramas) if my previous articles have intrigued you to be more interested in Korean pop culture.

Ever since Netflix has launched in South Korea in early 2016, it has been offering various genres of Korean films and series. It also introduced many Korean dramas to the global audience as they offer subtitles in different languages. Korean dramas were already quite mainstream in many Asian countries, leading the so-called K-wave. Thanks to Korean dramas, Korean fashion, food, lifestyle, and beauty products became in demand and many tourists came to visit South Korea.

Netflix is offering more and more Korean dramas including its original Korean dramas over the last couple of years due to its growing popularity. So let’s find out what is so special about K-dramas and what are the best ones you can easily find on Netflix.

1. You can see and get to know contemporary South Korea’s lifestyle, politics, and culture

Are you curious about pop culture and lifestyle in South Korea? You can experience the livelihood in a metropolitan city like Seoul, and how the lives in Seoul are like. South Koreans are passionate about politics and social issues, and many K-dramas talk about heavy social issues. Itaewon Class (2020) is one of them. ‘Itaewon’ is one of the hipster areas (and is also known for the gay-friendly area) in Seoul, where many young people and internationals are visiting. Itaewon Class shows a rapidly changing Korean society dealing with issues like sexuality, racism, and classes. 

Best Korean Dramas on Netflix
K-drama Series „Itaewon Class“ on Netflix

2. Unique stories featuring zombies, ghosts, and more!

Korean dramas are well-known for their high-quality media production. Unique and cartoon-like (many Korean dramas’ stories are originated from cartoons) plots are attracting viewers who like fantasy stories. For instance, Kingdom (2019 & 2020) is a horror zombie series set during Korea’s Joseon period, when the country was heavily affected by the plague. The cinematography and aesthetic of the series boost the eerie and dark atmosphere of this zombie drama.

Kingdom Trailer from Netflix

3. Emotional and dramatic stories that will touch your heart!

Sex, love, and relationship norms are quite different in South Korea compare to those in the west. You might find Koreans’ love stories more romantic and pure. Many K-dramas are mainly about romantic love including love-triangle, dramatic accidents, and coincidences. Crash Landing on You (2019) is a story about a South Korean lady accidentally landed in North Korea with her paraglide and falling in love with a North Korean army officer. The story is so unique as it reflects Korea’s political and historical circumstances while reminding the warmth and love between two humans.

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