Gender Roles and Sexism in the K-pop Industries:
Grieving the Death of Sulli

Gender roles and sexism in the k-pop industries

It’s been almost a year, a renowned K-pop star Sulli, a former member of a K-pop girl group, f(x), committed suicide. It was a tragic and shocking incident for me too, as I have grown up with f(x)’s songs and felt related to her as a same-aged girl from the same hometown. Especially, I loved […]


The politics of K-pop fandom:
How do K-pop fans become activists


I will have to admit that I was a huge consumer of K-pop as a teenager, and I used to be a supporter of several K-pop artists, like TVXQ and 2 PM. The way K-pop fans interact with their idols – in Korea, we use this term to describe ‘artists’ or ‘bands’ – is somewhat […]