How much is a Viral?

Viral Maketing is often being called a low-budget strategy. So does Rebecca Weeks in a her article Online Viral Marketing: Friend or Foe: “Viral marketing costs nothing or at the most, very little to execute because consumers actually do the selling through implied endorsement.” Weeks is reducing Viral Marketing to the process of proliferation where usually no or low media spendings are involved. But what about the production of the actual viral? Statements like these are likely to wake great expectations which the strategy obviously can’t hold.Justin Kirby from DMC, is a bit more realistic when it comes to costs. In our interview he says, “It’s true that viral campaigns don’t need to have TV-type advertising budgets to work – which is good news for those companies that can’t afford to carry out TV advertising. It’s also true that viral campaigns need little in the way of media spent, if anything after the initial seeding stage, so viral marketing can be a very cost effective way to reach vast numbers. This is not the same as saying that you can get a well-planned viral campaign with excellent creative that will stand out from the crowd and reach millions on a low budget.”
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