Heiratsantrag für Sandra

A few days ago I sat together with some folks from the VBMA in Robert de Niro’s famous Tribeca Grill in NYC when suddenly the crowd in the restaurant started to cheer full of enthusiasm. A guy who was sitting right next to our table had dropped to his knees to make his lady a marriage proposal and everybody around was going mad, especially the ladies.I may be called a  little old-fashioned but I always thought that a marriage proposal is something intimate and private rather than a public event. But in regard to publicity the guy in NYC still has a lesson to learn compared to the originator of the website Heiratsantrag für Sandra.de.According to the text on this website a guy from Germany has send 50 e-Mails to strangers asking them to forward his marriage proposal to their friends until Sandra gets it. Obviously the guy has hit a nerve, because the mail spawned a chain reaction. In the last two weeks I received the mail several times and the website had over half a million visitors so far.

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