Currently another children’s fad is spreading throughout Germany. As the story goes the origin of Scoubidou is France. The children of the Saarland, a region close to the French border, were among the first, who dicovered the shiny colourful strings when they went shopping with their parents in French supermarkets. From the Saarland Scoubidou spread throughout the whole country in only a few month.From a memetic perspective Scoubidou is a variation of an existing idea. In Germany for example Friendship Bracelets have been around for ages. But the new product seems to be superior in terms of contagiousness.

Scoubidou can be used to tie either fancy or useful objects for example key fobs depending on the skills of the creator. Our example shows a tiny little red ant and was made by Anne Zerr specially for vm-people. Thanks a lot, Anne!

Scoubidou Fansite

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