Attention, Please!

In an article for ClickZ, Rebecca Lieb adresses the problem how to measure attention in a media world that becomes more and more fragmented. “Now that the Internet’s “back” and bigger and faster than ever, the attention economy is suddenly getting more, well, attention”, she states.

I guess, there is one important lesson advertisers Online and Offline should have learned from the New/Attention Economy: it is not enough to count eyeballs. In life after the ‘Bubble” it is the customer who is in control and customers have brains. In order to reach those brains companies should deliver quality and value. Not only in their products or services, but also in the marketing messages they spread.

Ted McConnell from Procter & Gamble recommends: “When you see interest, respond with your absolutely best shot. And add value.” I would recommend: Whatever you do, try to create value from the very beginning. And get attention.

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