The summer hit phenomenon

Ever wondered why it is so hard sometimes to get rid of a stupid melody we have just heard on the radio? Usually in the summertime there is one hit you just can’t escape from – no matter whether you are in Rhodos, Ibiza or Antalya. Yes, I am talking of earwigs like Macarena, Mambo No.5 or the Ketchup Song.

In his article Sven Gábor Jánszky offers us an explanation for the summer hit phenomenon. Some songs are simply as contagious like a virus and may become worldwide epidemics. Jánszky also makes some interesting remarks on the runaway success of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” refering to meme-theory.

Those of you who feel deperessed because of the rainy weather, should think positive: The good news that there won’t be a summer in 2004 is that there won’t be a summer hit.

Summer hit alert

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