Driv3r-campaign critizised

SPIEGEL Online reports that Atari is currently being criticised by Gamers because of strange marketing methods. According to the magazin Atari has hired gamers in order to chat up the third version of the classic Atari game “Driver”. Those methods where people are employed to infiltrate forums and message boards are called “Viral Marketing”, SPIEGEL ONLINE concludes.Despite the fact that there are agencies who are able to sell their clients campaigns like this, we at vm-people wouln’t call that Viral Marketing. This is Bullshit Marketing! The term Bullshit Marketing summarizes methods where customers are not treated as empowered, smart and connected individuals, but as a dumb mass of idiots.

Viral Marketing can help to harness Word-of-mouth for a product that has an inherent wow-Factor. It can also create an added value to a product e.g. by  releasing a funny Video clip or a cool  Flash game that people find worth talking about. Basically Viral Marketing is about creating good value for the customer and trust. Talking bullshit in forums is ultimately undermining trust and will backfire – sooner or later.

Read the article (in German)

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