Seminar credits

Our first Viral marketing seminar is over. It has been hard work to make the idea of an event like this come true. I’d like to thank…

• my co-speakers: Justin Kirby and Alex Sutter. Thanks for your contribution.

• the participants: Elisabeth Baumgartner, Mathias Bauer, Dr. Gerhard Huhn, Steffi Magin, Monic Meisel, Claus Moseholm, Carsten Müller, Brigitte Müller von Wandau, Martin Oetting, Björn Ognibeni, Balder Olrik, Benjamin Reininger, Richard Tejada-Schmitz, Kaspar Trüstedt, Otilia Vakej, Martina Vlahov, Jan Oliver Wurl and Michael Zerr. It was a pleasure to work with you.

• my PR-support: Christian Schmelter and Merve Liebelt. Thanks for your advice.

• my technical-support: Thomas Henning and Alex Artelt. Thanks for being at the right time, at the right place.

• all vm-people: Especially Petra and Amos. Thanks for believing in the idea from the beginning.

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