Speech of Alex Sutter, YOC AG, Berlin

Focus Mobile
The mobile phone as a viral tool via response mechanisms by SMS. This can be done i.e. via on pack promotions, POS promotions…
Mobile phones can be highly integrated into any marketing mix.

Talking about the history of the mobile market
From 1992 with the first digital mobile network until now with the new umts standard.

The basics of Viral marketing via Mobile
1. Keep it simple – 160 digit limitation
2. Make it fun
3. Be up to date
4. Make it interactive
5. Ask them what they want
6. Make it worth it

Quite interesting…making an SMS trackable
By adding a pixelcode. Which is usable for couponing promotions.

Some case studies
YOC launch campaign – cash or crash – in which mobile users could decide wether a porsche should be crashed or be the prize of a sweepstake.

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