In his Viral Marketing blog Björn Ognibeni has made some interesting remarks on the“pigeon-clip” that has been released in Germany lately. The clips has started his carreer on the Internet in September last year and is now shown on German television where he caused a lot of PR.

Ognibeni asks wether it makes sense “to “recycle old viral agents from other markets in the way Ford is trying to do here.” It may indeed be the case that people will probably yawn at the “new” German clip, because many already saw the English version.

But it is also true that the story of the Ford-ad has an impact on the marketing and advertsing press and also on clients and their agencies. Because the “Evil Twin” has brought Viral Marketing back in the mind set of German decision makers as being a relevant approach to create awareness and results.

Watch the Tagesschau-Feature

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