vm-seminar: “Deconstructing/Constructing Marketingviruses”

Allthough the term is around for serveral years now the mainstream discussion about “Viral and Buzz Marketing”  has not really evolved ever since the classic Hotmail case. A lot of marketing and agency people have read Gladwell’s “Tipping Point” and embraced Godin’s “Ideavirus”, but it seems that Viral Marketing as a communication tool is still in its infancy.

We think, it is time to bring Viral Marketing to the next level. That’s why vm-people will accomplish a seminar in order to answer some of the following questions: How can you make use of the tool in the daily marketing practice? What makes your message contagious? How do you seed and track your campaign? In short, how do you convince your customers to do the legwork for you?

The seminar is called “Deconstructing/Constructing Marketingviruses” and will take place March 19-20 in Berlin, Germany. Among the speakers are Justin Kirby, MD of DMC, London, Europes number 1 Viral Marketing company and Alex Sutter, Head of Content at the YOC AG, one of Germany’s leading Mobile Marketing companies.

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