A nation under shock: On monday Germany’s most successful Late Night Talker Harald Schmidt announced that his show won’t go on next year. In an official statement he said, that he wants to take “a creative rest”.

Many people refuse to accept Schmidt’s version and speculate about the real reasons for the decision. As a consequence there is a lot of gossip ongoing, in the press, on the street and on the net.
The hardest Schmidt-fans gather online to weaken his masters heart, they want the Harald Schmidt Show to be continued, as Der Spiegel reports. Sites like received thousands of clicks within a few hours. In munich a first street demontration will take place today at 8 pm.

The Frankfurter Rundschau describes Schmidt’s impact in yesterday’s edition.”Harald Schmidt (…) is not an entertainer, he is an epidemic. One that proliferates via television and thus there is no escape for you.”

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