Business Blogs

Weblog based online magazine Marketingwonk published a report recently focusing on the use of blogs for business. Edited by Kate Kaye and Rick E. Bruner the report gives an overview about one of the latest trend in the online marketing world.

Steve Hall from Marketingworld says: “Blogs” is a favorite buzzword for the Internet crowd these days, but many marketers are wondering whether weblogs have any real business application. Case studies involving companies like Microsoft, Macromedia, Nokia, Sega, ESPN, Home Depot, Dr. Pepper, Jones Soda, Mattel, The WB, Jupiter Research and the US Army are anything to judge by, indicate that there are a diverse set of uses.

vm-people have recently made a contribution regarding the ongoing discussion about weblogs. Read our case study about the INSCENE Embassy, a trend plattform that is based on weblog technology and edited by young hipsters from around the world.

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