AD:TECH: Blogging for Business

Weblogs are an emerging trend in the Online world marketing people should be aware of. That’s why Rick Bruner, Chief Researcher of MarketingWonk put together apanel for the AD:TECH conference.

– Anil Dash, Six Apart
– Thomas Zorbach, CEO, vm-people
 Ernest von Rosen, AMG Media
– Nick Denton, President, Gawker Media
– Griff Wigley, Wigley & Associates

Among the topics that have been discussed was the questions wether Weblogs can be useful for Brand-Building. vm-people’s Thomas Zorbach pointed out that blogs can add an array of values to a brand like credibility, actuality, community and orientation. Refering to the INSCENE EMBASSY, a series of weblogs, hosted by young trendspotters from around the world, Zorbach showed how the German fashion brand INSCENE makes successful use of weblog technology.

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