The Brights

According to Telepolis a new movement called “The Brights” spreads across the United States. Amongst the founders and prophets of this movement are Richard Dawkins, inventor of the term “meme” and philosopher Daniel Dennett, well known for his writings about memetics. On the official Website, that has been set up by two teachers from California, we get a clue, what a Bright is and what he wants:

“A Bright’s worldview is 
free of supernatural and mystical elements. The ethics and actions of a Bright are based on a naturalistic worldview (…) The purpose of this movement is to form an Internet constituency of individuals having social and political recognition and power.

The strategy of claiming an English term in order to spread the message has been proofed successfully by the “gay”-movement. “Gay” has apparently lost its initial meaning nowadays and is widely perceived as a synonym for “homosexual”. In the same manner the new naturalist movement is trying to get the word out now.

So, will we all become Brights soon? To be honest, we don’t know. But what we know is that the term “bright” is not beddable and spreadable, as far as the German language is concerned. Because “Ich bin breit” has a slightly different meaning here. It means “I am drunk”. We think this is not the right basis to build your ethics an actions on.

Become a Bright?

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