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If you’re an author looking for an innovative way to promote your book, there’s good news for you: Save the money for the print-ad and start a Virtual Book Tour.A Virtual Book Tour is a promotional journey through the Blogosphere in order to meet your readers or discover new audiences. Last week VBMA-member Bernd Röthlingshöfer started his own tour to promote his new book „Werbung für kleine Budgets“.

According to the author the Tour has had an immediate impact on the sales-statistics: On the first day his book climbed up the Amazon-charts from „11xx to 250“. This week Bernd Röthlingshöfer’s tour is going to be continued e.g. in the German Ueber-Blog „Schockwellenreiter“.

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Von vm-people am 27. September 2004
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vm-people 2.0

Last year in November I had a message on my answering machine from a man called Michael Zerr. He said that he had been working for Yello Strom, a German utility brand, which I had done a consultancy job for a few months earlier and that he would like to meet me.It was only the next day that we were sitting together in a café at the Marktplatz inKarlsruhe. To my surprise it turned out that Mr. Zerr had been Yello’s founder and CEO. In this function he had orchestrated one of the most remarkable campaigns in the last years. 

In the next two hours we had an inspriring conversation about our views of marketing, the power of ideas and a strange wunderdrug called Umckaloabo. He also told me that he had just quit Yello and that he was looking for a new challenge.

At the end of our meeting Mr. Zerr pulled out a piece of paper and a pen in order to illustrate his vision of a company in the 21st century. What he had to say was fascinating, although the scribble itself seemed all a little confusing to me.

Anyway, what we both didn’t know back then was that with his drawing he could have ment vm-people. But that’s the way it is:I am very happy to announce that Michael Zerr has joined vm-people as CEO. Welcome, Michael!

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Von vm-people am 20. September 2004
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Currently another children’s fad is spreading throughout Germany. As the story goes the origin of Scoubidou is France. The children of the Saarland, a region close to the French border, were among the first, who dicovered the shiny colourful strings when they went shopping with their parents in French supermarkets. From the Saarland Scoubidou spread throughout the whole country in only a few month.From a memetic perspective Scoubidou is a variation of an existing idea. In Germany for example Friendship Bracelets have been around for ages. But the new product seems to be superior in terms of contagiousness.

Scoubidou can be used to tie either fancy or useful objects for example key fobs depending on the skills of the creator. Our example shows a tiny little red ant and was made by Anne Zerr specially for vm-people. Thanks a lot, Anne!

Scoubidou Fansite

Von vm-people am 15. September 2004
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Rythm is it!

What is it? „Rythm is it!“ From Berlin, Germany comes a movie that has conquered the hearts of this years Berlinale visitors.The documentary tells the moving story of three kids that take part in the Education project initiated by the Berlin Philharmonics, choreographed by Royston Maldoom and conducted by Sir Simon Rattle. The three protagonists are among 250 children and teenagers from 25 countries all dancing „Le Sacre du Printemps“ by Igor Strawinsky.To help this important movie find its audience vm-people are happy to join the congress Mind Flow Berlin 2004. In our speech we refer to Viral marketing in the movie business and show opportunities how to grow an audience by triggering Word-of-mouth.
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Von vm-people am 14. September 2004
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Creating a Cult

What makes a product become a cult phenomenon? Can a cult be generated by intend? Which communication-strategies are used by so called „cult brands“?German magazin PAGE has a cover-story this month on cult. The article tries to get behind the mystery of  the most wanted campaign objective.In the related interview I explain how Viral marketing as a strategy can contribute to increase the cult factor by refering to recent examples like „Humanlike Robots“. Find a long version of the interview here.
Read the PAGE-interview (In German)

Von vm-people am 13. September 2004
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